At Pace Training and Health we are passionate about health, nutrition and fitness related issues. We are constantly researching these topics to look for new and effective natural ways of improving ones health, vitality, longevity or performance. From this research we create regimes, charts and booklets that consolidate all this research to provide you with a simple summary of what we believe to be the latest information available to address your need. We have regimes for those looking to address serious issues such as Prostate Cancer, regimes for those experiencing more common day-to-day health ailments such as colds or PMS (for women), or regimes for athletes trying to improve their performance.

Note: Our regimes come in two parts; the first part is a laminated A4 summary card(s) for you to stick on your fridge for quick reference and to serve as a reminder for you to follow the regime. The second part is a more detailed A4 document explaining each of the recommend supplements, life style changes, herbs etc, and we’re recommending it.

Our range of products…

Immune System Boosting Regime

Suffering from a cold? Got a nagging virus that won’t go away? This may help. This regime combines the use of natural anti-pathogenic whole substances such as propolis, with the use of specific vitamins, minerals and herbs that have, in our opinion, significant scientific research studies behind them to confirm their immune system boosting efficacy.

Price: AUD $30:00 (To go to our secure order form click here)

Fat Loss Regime

This is our most popular product! This regime consolidates almost 20 years of research into body fat loss. Many weight loss programs tout that weight loss can be achieved overnight. And often these programs do – but it is almost always achieved by the loss of other bodily substances, such as water and carbohydrate, rather than actually losing body fat. Additionally it is often to the detriment of the person’s overall health and well being. The unfortunate truth of the matter is that permanent body fat loss cannot be achieved overnight. The GOOD news, however, is that permanent body fat loss absolutely CAN be achieved. We believe the only correct approach is by diet and exercise interventions that consistently “chip away” at your body fat stores, while maintaining optimal health and well being. Our Fat Loss Regime runs through the Do’s and Don’ts on how to achieve permanent fat loss this way – the healthy way, the right way…..the only way!

Price: AUD $30:00 (To go to our secure order form click here)

Healthy Eating Diet

Our Fat Loss/Healthy Eating Diet is a booklet that offers meal suggestions for what to eat at each meal of the day; whether you’re eating 3 meals or 6! – Depending on your goals and needs. Again, like the Fat Loss Regime, the approach is the proper and healthy way to eat (and lose body fat at the same time – if that’s your goal).

Price: AUD $30:00 (To go to our secure order form click here)

Male Infertility Regime

Unfortunately male infertility seems to be on the increase these days. This very personal and heart-felt issue is a problem experienced by all too many couples trying to start a family. A lot of the time fertility can be increased using specific vitamins, minerals, herbs and some minor life-style changes. This regime provides the supplements and life-style changes that we believe are most likely to increase male fertility.

Price: AUD $30:00 (To go to our secure order form click here)

PMS / PMT Regime

It is a well known, but unfortunate fact, that the majority of women experience at least some premenstrual symptoms prior to the ovulation section of their menstrual cycle. This can be both a mentally and physically challenging time for these women and their partners. Fortunately there appears to be a number of natural remedies available that can alleviate the symptoms of PMS/PMT. Similar to our other regimes, we have researched those that we believe to be most affective and have put them together in this regime.

Price: AUD $30:00 (To go to our secure order form click here)

Wellness Chart

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your overall well being? 6? 7? If you can say “10”, that’s fantastic. If not, this may be of interest to you.

Did you know there are at least 12 different categories of causes/reasons why you might not be feeling at your best, or, god forbid, why you’re feeling at your worst! Whether you’re an athlete having difficulty reaching your full potential, or you’re someone who is struggling to get through a day at the office, this chart may help identify where the problem is. The chart aims to give you a clear picture of all the causes of sub-optimal wellbeing.

Consider this question: Are you “Thriving” or “Surviving”? And then consider this: only one of the twelve categories we have identified as a cause of sub-optimal wellbeing is “Pathogenic Influence” (Viruses, Bacteria, Mycoplasma etc). It is our opinion that how much you are affected by this, and the other 11 categories, determines whether you are seriously sick, a little unwell, surviving, or thriving!

Price: AUD $30:00 (To go to our secure order form click here)

Anti Prostate-Cancer Regime

It is an unfortunate fact that Prostate Cancer (and most other cancers) is on the increase. This means that the prevalence (per capita basis) of Prostate Cancer is NOT a static percentage of the male population. If the percentage was fixed over time, we may just conclude that it is an inevitable unfortunate genetic anomaly of the human race. However, if the rate that the human population is getting a certain disease is changing, we must ask ourselves why? Why it that, as time goes on, more and more men are being afflicted by this terrible, and all too often fatal, disease?

We, at Pace Training and Health, strongly believe this is due to three main factors; poor or insufficient diet leading to sub-optimal nutrient status leading to a depleted immune system, the amount of oxidants and toxins that modern day life exposes us to, and thirdly, our stressful and sedentary life styles. Our anti (prostate) cancer regime offers a combination of dietary changes, nutritional supplements and life-style alterations that we believe will maximise your chances of avoiding Prostate Cancer, prostate diseases generally, and other cancers.

Price: AUD $30:00 (To go to our secure order form click here)

Natural Anabolics Regime

At Pace Training and Health we strongly encourage and promote drug-free sport and drug-free body building. However we also understand what it feels like to crave that little extra edge over the competition. This regime is aimed at the athlete or body builder who wants to maximize his or her muscle hypertrophy (growth) without the use of illegal and harmful steroids.

After all the research we’ve done, we have concluded that unfortunately there are many gimmicks on the market. There are many products that promise the world in muscle mass gains but deliver very little. The truth of the matter is that there are not many supplements that will effectively enhance protein synthesis (muscle growth). The good news is that there ARE some that do. We’re the first to tell you that they won’t compete against drugs, but they can give you that extra edge. The difference between first place and second place is usually very little!

Price: AUD $30:00 (To go to our secure order form click here)

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