We offer our clients a variety of services including, general consultation on diet, nutrition, fitness, and health issues, preparation of training and diet programs, and Personal Training Services.

Below are the services we offer. If there is a health or fitness related service that you’re looking and it’s not listed, feel free to contact us – we may be able to cater for your need. If not, we may be able to refer you to someone who can.

Personal / Group Training

Are you looking for a Personal Trainer? Well you’ve come to the right place! Our Managing Director, Mal Pace, is a Fitness Australia registered Personal Trainer.


Our consultation service is available to individuals, couples, and even groups. Consultations may be used to discuss any health and/or fitness matter you wish!

Personalised Training Program

As the name implies, our Personalised Training Program is a training program that we specifically customise for you. The program is tailored to suit your individual goals…

Personalised Nutrition & Supplement Program

This program is similar to the Personalised Training Program except that this one outlines a food plan for you to follow, as well it will also suggest…

Combo Personalised Training, Nutrition & Supplement Program

By far the two biggest contributors to ones ability to achieve their training and fitness goals…

Body Fat Measurement

Want to know what your body fat level is? We use Baseline skinfold callipers to measure percentage body fat. We strongly recommend getting…

Body Composition and Fitness Testing Package

Are you looking to start a new fitness program? Do you sometimes find it hard to see if you’re actually making progress? Whether your goal is to lose body fat…

Quick Questions and Tips

Do you have a quick question you need answered? Perhaps you’re about to do your weekly grocery shopping and have heard that there are low and high GI breads…

Looking to book a consultation or Personal Training?