Our consultation service is available to individuals, couples, and even groups.

Consultations may be used to discuss any health and/or fitness matter you wish! And not only is our consultation service available face-to-face, we also offer over-the-phone and online consultations! Online consultations are done using either Skype or MSN Messenger. And for that personal touch, if you have a webcam and microphone we can set up a face-to-face consultation. Just like being face-to-face!

So whether you’re wishing to talk to someone about your medical condition, how to lose body fat, your chronic disease, how to prevent and/or treat diabetes, a diet you’ve heard about, preparing for a fun run, and or even what supplements you can take to aid your health, fitness and general wellbeing, we’re here to help. Simply book in for a consultation!

We also offer a business owner’s consultation service for those businesses that are in the food and/or catering industry. If you’re a business in this industry and looking to make your food options a little healthier, then we can help! We will show you how to make the food you offer truly nutritious, and wholesome. And we’ll even assist in setting up the advertising s that you can capitalise on your new range of healthy food!

Face-to-face consultation time can be anywhere you choose (subject to travel distance); at your home, at a coffee shop, at your work/office/shop (yes, we come to you). The choice is yours; wherever is convenient and comfortable for you.

Charges: Charges are as per the table in the “Personal/Group Training” page.

(To make an appointment simply phone, email or write to us using the details on our “Contact us” page.)

Looking to book a consultation or Personal Training?