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How we started

Started some 14 years ago, our business was created to satisfy a passion to help other enthusiastic gym-goers with their training goals. Back then our service was solely writing simple weight-training programs for clients who were keen to advance their muscle growth and development; whether it was toning up, gaining strength, or hypertrophy (muscle growth). Today we offer so much more. We have an array of booklets and services aimed at improving your health, fitness and well-being.

About Our Founder and Managing Director

Mal takes 1st place in the 1993 A.N.B.F
Mr Natural Sydney Titles (Novice Division)

Pace Training and Health is owned and managed by Mal Pace. This is how his business came to be…

In his years as a young school boy, Mal was into all the sports. He played Rugby League, Rugby Union, Cricket, Volley Ball, and just about any other sport that was on offer. He made it into the school athletics team; representing his school in various divisions and events. During his final years of high school, Mal’s school invested in a new gymnasium – this was Mal’s first exposure to weight training.

The sports teams would use the gym after school as part of their training regime. Mal developed an immediate interest in the concept of weight training to strengthen and build muscle tissue.

Intrigued by this concept, Mal joined a “real” gym when he finished his Higher School Certificate. Not being one to do anything in halves, Mal started getting serious about this novel idea of “pumping iron”. Low and behold his body responded, just as all the health and fitness literature he had started researching, had promised!

At his gym was a body builder that caught Mal’s attention. She was about to enter a body building competition. Mal was intrigued by her muscle size and definition and had by now developed substantial muscle gains himself. Mal’s curiosity got the better of him, and he went to watch the competition. Low and behold, Mal was inspired to try competition himself!

“I have always been one to see how far I can take something” notes Mal. “… when I start something it is my nature to go all the way it; and not to stop until I’m there. With the body building, I now wanted to know everything about it and I was prepared to research and study it as long as it would take”. If there was a way of advancing or improving on something, Mal would seek it out. “I soon realised that, as a drug-free athlete, there were only really two ‘inputs’ that I could control to maximise my performance and gains; how I train, and what I eat”.

Mal had recently completed an Associate Diploma of Mechanical Engineering. Armed with this engineering knowledge, Mal applied his newly-learnt engineering principles to his weight training and quickly developed an in-depth understanding of bio-mechanics; after all, he would say “the body is just a complex machine!”
That made heavy inroads into Input Number 1 – the training.

As for Input Number 2 – the “what I eat” part; well, enter the vast and exciting world of Nutrition! “As a young body builder, I remember the day I walked into a Health Food shop and the Manager, a wise Naturopath, said to me ‘consider looking further than just the body building section for (natural) performance enhancing substances’” says Mal. Mal had already been delving into body building supplements, but this comment really got his attention; it was what opened the door to fascinating field of naturopathy. I took an immediate interest” Mal recalls. “I quickly learnt that the way to advance or improve my performance was to tap into all related fields of Nutrition and natural supplements; of which there is an absolute plethora! I wanted to get a thorough understanding of macronutrients, micronutrients, supplements, herbs, fatty acids, amino acids… there was much more to sports performance than protein powders!”.

Mal applied all of what he had learnt to date and entered his first body building competition; he took first place in his division. He was 23 at the time.

Being a firm advocate of drug-free sport since his teen years, Mal has always trained drug-free. As such, he competed with what was then known as the Australian Natural Bodybuilding Federation (A.N.B.F). “The drug testing process was interesting,” Mal recalls “…anyone who placed in the top three underwent a urine test, and those that placed first, had to do a polygraph (lie-detector) test! – that was a novel experience!”. Of course, being drug-free, Mal was, and still is, in total support of drug testing programs for athletes.

Following his success in the Sydney titles, Mal then went to the USA to represent Australia in the 1993 Natural American/Australian Physique Challenge. Mal took second place in the Intermediate Division.

Motivated by his success, Mal was inspired to go further! “I now wanted to delve into all aspects of health, disease, fitness, nutrition, genetics, nutrigenomics, epigenetics, endocrinology etc. If it was related to the human body. I was interested!” says Mal. “I wanted to be able to help my clients in the most holistic way possible”. Fuelled by his passion, Mal has since attended numerous course and seminars, read countless books, science papers and articles – and is continually researching and studying these topics. Mal has completed his Cert IV in Fitness and is registered with Fitness Australia as a Personal Trainer. Mal has also completed the CHEK Holistic Life-Style Coach (L1) course.

So where we are now…

Imagine a horizontal line on a page. Imagine this line as a continuum. In your mind label the left hand side of the line as “Disease/Malaise/Unwellenss”. Now label the right hand side “Perfect Health, Fitness, and Well-being”. Consider where you might fall on this line? At Pace Training and Health our goal is to shift our clients and customers to the right on this line; to move them as close to perfect health, peak fitness and optimal well-being, as possible.

We are always on the look out for ground breaking advancements in the fields of health and fitness to bring to our clients. We are interested in the non-mainstream media; the advanced research. We are about dispelling what we call “misinformation”. For example, we’re happy to tell our clients and customers that not only are saturated fatty acids not bad for you, but some are actually beneficial! We consolidate this research to produce the regimes (booklets) and charts listed on our Products page.

We want to tell you what the multi million dollar pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know; that you can use many natural remedies to improve your life quality, longevity, athletic performance, and even prevent and treat disease – without the use of drugs. We want our clients to know that there are drugs out there that will do you more harm than good! That’s not to say all drugs are bad or are of no use. No. In fact the invention of antibiotics for example, particularly penicillin, revolutionised the treatment of Infectious Disease – an amazing breakthrough that has saved thousands of lives. Pathogens, such as viruses, bacteria, mycoplasma, and funguses, are real threats; they are real organisms that do cause disease. And as such, there is undoubtedly a time and place for pharmaceutical intervention. However, we believe drugs should be a last resort as all drugs have side effects.

We strongly believe that many illnesses can be prevented, arrested and even reversed using natural remedies and life-style changes. Of particular interest, are cancers. We now know, from the fields of epigenetics and nutrigenomics, that many cancers can be avoided. Many health care professionals will tell you that cancer is just one of those unfortunate things that happen to some people and that there’s not much that can be done about it. We don’t subscribe to that theory. “It is now quite well established that around 66% of cancers are a direct result of our life style choices” says Mal. Cancer is not just inevitable part of the human race’s biological destiny; many can be avoided!

Others may challenge by posing the question “what about the theory of genetic predisposition?”. Absolutely! We strongly believe that genetic predisposition plays a role in many diseases. However, by the laws of natural selection, one would expect this to produce a consistent prevalence rate of disease. When one considers that the prevalence rates of many illnesses today are increasing; that they are not fixed percentages of the population, then this should raise alarm bells for us all. Why is diabetes on the increase? Why are more women being diagnosed with breast cancer? Why are more men dying of Prostate Cancer? This was not the case hundreds of years ago. So what is different in lives now days? “To us it’s pretty clear…” says Mal “… back then we didn’t have things like pesticides, artificial sweeteners, highly refined foods, Teflon, man-made environmental toxins, hydrogenated fatty acids, mercury-filled immunisations, hormone-injected and colour-injected meats (Yes, colour injected!). Is it any wonder that disease prevalence rates have increased?”. Notes Mal “This is where the life-style coaching comes in; a large portion of my work is coaching clients about life-style choices; choices that can influence their probability of disease”. Genetic predisposition means there’s a chance of getting that disease; it’s not a definite!

Our aim is to set up our client’s life style to maximise health and well-being. There are ways and means of both preventing and treating many illnesses – and we show our clients what they are and how to act on them! What you put into your body today may not make much difference now, but 20 or 30 years down the track, things may be a different story. Now is the time to act. This is particularly pertinent for those looking to slow down the aging process. Mal is now doing a lot of anti-aging work with clients. Think you can’t influence the rate at which you age? Just consider the difference that 10 years of smoking might make to your ageing process and, say, the quality of your skin and teeth. Yes, this is an extreme example, but it shows that life-style choices absolutely do make a difference to your ageing.

Our products and services and general recommendations, are designed to improve the quality of your life, by preventing disease, by addressing both acute and chronic health problems, by maximising athletic performance, or by slowing down your ageing process. To further get our message out there, we will shortly be offering comprehensive seminars on various health and fitness related topics such as those touched on above.

“As for my personal training clients, I am passionate about taking a holistic approach to achieving their goals. I give my clients the best of what I can offer. Whether my client’s goal is to lose body fat, or they’re an athlete preparing for competition, I offer them the consolidation of 20 years of research into training, fat loss, health, fitness, diet, and nutrition. I have worked with a full spectrum of clients, from elderly women looking to gain a little strength, to diabetics looking to avoid insulin dependence, through to competitive body builders looking to win a state title. Every person is different and every person has different needs.” says Mal.

As a life-style coach, my aim is to look at all aspects of my client’s lives, such as sleep, stress, and diet, that we may be able to improve to allow them to achieve their goal(s) in the healthiest and most efficient manner possible” says Mal.

Can we make a difference to your life?

Mal Pace
Managing Director
Pace Training and Health
Cert of Nutrition
L1 Holistic Life-Style Coach
Ass. Dip. Mech. Eng
Cert. IV in Fitness

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