We offer our clients a variety of services including, general consultation on diet, nutrition, fitness, and health issues, preparation of training and diet programs, and Personal Training Services.


Below are the services we offer. If there is a health or fitness related service that you’re looking and it’s not listed, feel free to contact us - we may be able to cater for your need. If not, we may be able to refer you to someone who can.


1.     Personal/Group Training

Are you looking for a Personal Trainer? Well you’ve come to the right place! Our Managing Director, Mal Pace, is a Fitness Australia registered Personal Trainer.


Pace Training and Health offers a mobile personal training service. Which means that, whether your preference is for outdoor training e.g. at a park or pool, or indoor training e.g. at a gym, we come to you!


Whether your goal is to lose body fat, or you’re an athlete preparing for competition, our Personal Training Service offers you the consolidation of around 15 years hands-on personal training experience as well as around 20 years of research into training, fat loss, health, fitness, diet, and nutrition. Mal has worked with a full spectrum of clients, from elderly women looking to gain a little strength, through to competitive body builders looking to win a state title. Every person is different and every person has different needs.


“My aim is to look at all aspects of my client’s lives, such as sleep, stress, and diet, that we may be able to improve to allow them to achieve their goal(s) in the healthiest and most efficient manner possible” says Mal.


We train both individuals and groups. So whatever arrangement you like we can cater for your needs. Whether the companionship of others gets you motivated or you prefer one-on-one dedication, there’s a training arrangement to suit you.


We use a rather unique multi-faceted approach to training our clients. Our unique approach allows you to see results just that little bit quicker - which drives motivation! Motivation is the key to success. Want to know more about our training style? Please give us a call!


Our training sessions are exciting, energetic, interesting, challenging and, most of all, our training sessions are fun!






Cost Parameter

1 Person (1 on 1)

2 People (2 on 1)

3 People (3 on 1)

4 People (4 on 1)

5 or more people







Rate per session.







(5 sessions pre-paid)







Equiv. rate per session.







(10 sessions pre-paid)







Equiv. rate per session.









 NoNote: The duration of one session is one hour.



(To make an appointment simply phone, email or write to us using the details on our “Contacts” page.)



 -  For personal training services carried out at a gym, any commission charged by the gym to use their facilities for personal training services, will be on forwarded to the client and will be over and above the rates nominated above.

- Pace Training and Health is based in Neutral Bay, NSW. Our normal limit of travel is 15km. Distances further than this may incur additional charges for travelling time.


2.     Consultations:

Our consultation service is available to individuals, couples, and even groups.


Consultations may be used to discuss any health and/or fitness matter you wish! And not only is our consultation service available face-to-face, we also offer over-the-phone and online consultations! Online consultations are done using either Skype or MSN Messenger. And for that personal touch, if you have a webcam and microphone we can set up a face-to-face consultation. Just like being face-to-face!


So whether you’re wishing to talk to someone about your medical condition, how to lose body fat, your chronic disease, how to prevent and/or treat diabetes, a diet you've heard about, preparing for a fun run, and or even what supplements you can take to aid your health, fitness and general wellbeing, we’re here to help. Simply book in for a consultation!

We also offer a business owner’s consultation service for those businesses that are in the food and/or catering industry. If you're a business in this industry and looking to make your food options a little healthier, then we can help! We will show you how to make the food you offer truly nutritious, and wholesome. And we’ll even assist in setting up the advertising s that you can capitalise on your new range of healthy food!

Face-to-face consultation time can be anywhere you choose (subject to travel distance); at your home, at a coffee shop, at your work/office/shop (yes, we come to you). The choice is yours; wherever is convenient and comfortable for you.


Charges:          Charges are as per the table in the “Personal/Group Training” section above.


(To make an appointment simply phone, email or write to us using the details on our “Contacts” page.)



3.     Personalised Training Program:

As the name implies, our Personalised Training Program is a training program that we specifically customise for you. The program is tailored to suit your individual goals and needs, taking into account your daily and weekly schedule. It will provide all the information you need, such as how many days per week to train, when to train, what time, whether to do weights or cardiovascular, what type of cardio to do etc. If weight training is nominated for you, the program will also note what muscle groups to train and when.

We will normally recommend an initial consultation with you first, to enable us to get a clear understanding of your training goals, your training history, your life style, your availability to train etc to enable us to prepare your program.

Charge:            AUD $100.00/Program   (To go to our secure order form click here )

4.     Personalised Nutrition & Supplement Program:

This program is similar to the Personalised Training Program except that this one outlines a food plan for you to follow, as well it will also suggest supplements that we believe will help you achieve your goal(s) and generally aid your health and well-being.

We will normally recommend an initial consultation with you first, to get a clear understanding of your goals, your food preferences, any allergies, your current diet, your life style etc to enable us to prepare your program.


Charge:             AUD $100.00/Program   (To go to our secure order form click here )


5.     Combo Personalised Training, Nutrition & Supplement Program:

By far the two biggest contributors to ones ability to achieve their training and fitness goals are Food (diet) and Exercise (training). This “Combo” offers a discount to those interested in the total, two-pronged, approach to achieving their goal. This package combines Services 1 and 2 above.

As per 1 & 2 above, we will normally recommend an initial consultation with you first.

Charge:            AUD $180/program        (To go to our secure order form click here )


6.     Body Fat Measurement:

Want to know what your body fat level is? We use Baseline skinfold callipers to measure percentage body fat. We strongly recommend getting your body percentage checked periodically if one of your goals is Body Fat Loss.

Charge:            AUD $50:00/Measurement

(To make an appointment simply phone, email or write to us using the details on our “Contacts” page.)

7.     Body Composition and  Fitness Testing Package::

Are you looking to start a new fitness program? Do you sometimes find it hard to see if you’re actually making progress? Whether your goal is to lose body fat, to gain muscle strength, or to improve your explosive power, then why not take a “snap shot” of where you are now by booking one of our Body Composition and Fitness Testing Packages.


Our Body Composition and Fitness Testing Package” includes: Blood Pressure measurement, Heart Rate measurement, Body Fat measurement, Girth measurements, Speed testing, Fitness testing, Strength testing, Power/agility testing and Suppleness (flexibility) testing.


Then, after you’ve been training for a while towards that goal, say 2 or 3 months, then measure yourself again – and see your improvement on paper! Written confirmation of your progress serves well as a motivation booster!


The entire testing and measurement package takes 2 hours. And be warned, the fitness testing side of the session is pretty grueling – but it’s oh-so worth it!


Charge:            AUD $150:00

(To make an appointment simply phone, email or write to us using the details on our “Contacts” page.)

8.     Quick Questions and Tips:

Do you have a quick question you need answered? Perhaps you’re about to do your weekly grocery shopping and have heard that there are low and high GI breads and are wondering which one to buy. Or you know that trans-fatty acids are bad for you and want to know what foods they’re in. Simply phone or email us with your question using our "Contact Us" details and we'll be glad to assist.

Charge:            Free!





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